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3 Reasons to Choose Alchetec to Support Your Computer Network


In 2019, cyberattacks cost small businesses $3.5 billion, on average, $200,000 per business. Think your business is not a target? Think again! In 2020 a robust cyber security platform is a necessity -- and antivirus software alone is not enough. Alchetec’s Cyber Security services utilize a full array of tools to protect your business, so you can sleep at night. Contact Alchetec today for a free security analysis.


All companies today rely on technology and YOUR technology can make or break your business, making a difference between growing or stagnating. Alchetec’s IT experts understand how technology impacts business and can help you build an IT strategy that works for today and builds for tomorrow. Contact Alchetec today to schedule a consultation with one of our expert IT strategists.


Problem Resolution
When technical problems impede your ability to operate efficiently, Alchetec’s support experts respond quickly, working through problems efficiently while communicating with you throughout the troubleshooting process. These experts are available when you need them and have a simple goal: to resolve your problems and get you back on track as quickly as possible. Got an IT problem?  Contact Alchetec today!

See what other business owners are saying about us…

To have a successful ad agency in the competitive marketplaces of Chicago and New York means many last minute deadlines, craziness, and of course some stress. Ever since we hired Alchetec back in 2011, I can honestly say our IT is the least stressful part of our business. I highly recommend these folks because besides being brilliant at IT, they are simply nice people. We always invite them to our holiday party because we view them as key members of our team.

Joe. C. Director of Operations
Advertising Agency

Alchetec always provides prompt responses and takes complete ownership of our IT problems. I never knew of the managed services concept prior to hiring Alchetec back in 2008. This single move was key to our companyís survival during some pretty lean years. Two years ago we started to grow again. Since we have Alchetec handling all the IT we were able to use most of our resources in hiring top notch architects.

Robert E. Managing Director
Architect Firm

For a while we were changing IT vendors once a year. Ever since we hired Alchetec 4 years ago the discussion of changing IT vendors is completely off the table. These guys and gals know their stuff and the frequency of their personal visits makes them a true part of our team. Once Alchetec was hired I felt confident in leaving the IT to them so I could concentrate on my business.

Jerome R. Owner
Fashion Design Company

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