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Alchetec kept us from having to shut down our business!

The Alchetec team has given us peace of mind with their expert knowledge in cybersecurity, business continuity, networking, and systems support. Last year, when our SQL server went down their team was able to get us up and running in a couple of hours. The fact that they had a working backup of our databases ready to go kept us from having to shut down our business. In nearly two decades since we started working with Alchetec their expert knowledge in security has kept our network clear of ransomware and protected our data. What more could you ask for!

The biggest thing Alchetec does is know everything that is vital to running a business. They are constantly looking for ways to improve the way we do things and keep our costs low. Great service at a great price!

For us the difference is clear, Alchetec provides individualized solutions to fit your budget. The Alchetec team understands that each company is unique and the service they provide needs fits your needs.

Michael G.


Alchetec is reliable and they deliver on their promises!

Alchetec is a partner that we can rely upon for all of our technology needs. They provide technical recommendations, ensure that our systems are secure, and they provide assistance with all of our projects and upgrades. They are very reliable and deliver on their promises.

They provide whatever level of service we require whenever we require it. They don’t hesitate to go beyond the call. This includes providing service in the middle of the night and driving to people’s homes to assist with problems and deliver equipment. In emergency situations, they are available and provide whatever resources are necessary.

We took a chance on Alchetec, even though they were lesser known and smaller than some of the other companies that we were evaluating. However, we are happy that we made the decision that we made. Their size allows them to provide a personal level of service. They are very knowledgeable, resourceful, and have been successful at making our IT department operate extremely smoothly over the last 3 ½ years.

Bob N.


Alchetec has been “highly responsive to our needs”

We have been very satisfied with Alchetec for multiple reasons which are price, responsiveness, and flexibility. Responsiveness is key for our business to avoid down time for our business and Alchetec has been “highly responsive to our needs”. My best advice to anyone on the fence about partnering with Alchetec is to “try it out for one month and you’ll notice the difference”.

Paul D.

Law Firm

Alchetec “gets the job done 100% of the time and quickly”

When we have a problem, the team at Alchetec listens to our problems with great patience and works to determine the best way to resolve it. They are professional, competent, and get the job done 100% of the time. They are always quick to respond to our numerous agents and representatives and we appreciate their personalized touch without teams.

Nick M.

Real Estate Firm

Alchetec is a service organization and they act like it!

As a small theater, we will never have the luxury of having the depth and breadth of IT knowledge and experience on staff that we have access to with Alchetec. Working with Alchetec provides comfort that this key aspect of the organization’s infrastructure is in far more competent hands than our own. In effect, working with Alchetec allows the organization to focus on the making of theater which, after all, is the whole point of the organization.

Alchetec is a service organization, and they act like it, i.e. they are interested in serving their clients as opposed to selling their clients. They act like there is no difference between what is in your best interest and what is in their best interest.

Stephen J.

Performance Theater

Whether your company needs the “Ford”, “Cadillac” or “Mercedes.” of IT, Alchetec can accommodate it all.

With today’s everchanging technology and Absolute being a small family owned business for the last 25+ years, we are always competing against the larger companies who have unlimited IT Budgets. Alchetec completely understands our level of need and our level of Budget.

Alchetec is outstanding for a small family owned business who needs the flexibility to grow or just sustain year after year. Whether your company needs the “Ford”, “Cadillac” or “Mercedes.” of IT, Alchetec can accommodate it all.

Frank N.

Event Planning Organization


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